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What is THE HUB?

THE HUB is a community program to bring the community together and increase the exposure of the community businesses to the end user with the Dar AlJalal community and active members.

How to join THE HUB?

As a User:

All you need to do is make sure you are an active member by registering with our website and applying for membership.

As a Merchant:

You need to be an active member and register your business, upon completion of your business registration, you’ll be able to apply to join THE HUB Program, once approved you can get connected with the community and start posting your awesome offers on THE HUB.

How does it work?

As a user you’ll have access to all available offers and discounts on THE HUB, you can Scan / Download the offer(s) you need and take the QR code to the relevant Merchant and benefit from the provided offers and discounts.


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